Why Am I Doing This


Finally at sea after a long day’s worth of traveling to Nassau, Bahamas from Los Angeles. An arrival back to humidity, darker hues and lovely blue waters. I was met by a female taxi driver at the airport, whom took me to my next destination: Prince George Wharf, which held in its waters, the Explorer – the carrier I am set to live on for the next twenty-four days as I travel to countries such as Peru and Costa Rica. “Life couldn’t be better,” I thought to myself as I looked in amazement at the size of the ship until I began encountering other passengers, peers and voyagers. Besides the cliche questions of where are you from and what do you do, the most important question of the day was: why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?

As the day’s hours passed, it all began to make more sense to me. So many people ask this question because they are wondering if they are alone in their sentiments or if there are actually others that are also in search of something greater, a journey to discover purpose through enrichment.

The ages range from two months to ninety-seven years old, which precisely means that dreams are born early and that they never truly die. Rather, life’s circumstances many times force a fearful shade over that which we use to dream so much about.

Why are you here, Alex?

To discover.

PS. Photos are coming soon.


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