Jamaica: The Land of Black, Green and Gold


Adorned by a splitting gold saltire on a green and black field. Markets full of artisans looking to sell their small goods and smiles at high prices. Beautiful Black faces with full, rich accents. Jerk chicken spicy enough to make a grown man cry.

It’s quite comical that many of the people that I have had some of my history’s best conversations with, I also just met. Last night was the Captain’s dinner and I had the absolute pleasure of eating with four beautiful women – all about forty years my senior. Age is truly nothing but a number, especially when a connection is to be made. We talked about several topics from my career, to my passions, to the type of ladies I choose to date. All topics with me being revered as an ancient old soul.

Maybe I’ve been here before. Maybe I’ve set sail in these same exact waters. Or maybe life’s circumstances and the things we go through – if we choose to listen and open our eyes – that change us.

That’s what’s it’s all about after all, isn’t it?

The sun has fallen and the shore is beginning to fade away. Now, we have set sail in the direction of Colombia, my home and playground for a mere 36 hours.

Cherish it.


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