A Breakthrough

Breaking past some of my biggest fears and limiting beliefs has been one of the hardest things for me to do. Last night, we did an exercise, in which we wrote our ‘limiting beliefs’ on one side of a 12×12 wooden board and ‘what we want to get more of’ on the other. As I wrote both lists, tears began rolling down my eyes and I recognized something for myself – this journey has hurt quite a bit (meaning just these last 6 days). I am not used to feeling so vulnerable and emotional, but somehow the leaders of this voyage know exactly how to extract some of our deepest and most rooted pains and limiting beliefs. It’s incredible how much we are all truly alike and ALL in search of treasure, whether that means peace, love, support, art, education, mindfulness, finances, etc.

I haven’t been writing as much as I thought I would because this is truly a life changing experience and I am mindfully trying to soak it all up. In one day, I meditated, had dinner with a monk and his closest student, cried probably for a total of thirty mintues, worked out, did photography, shared my stories, and metaphorically broke through my fears while smashing through a 12×12 wooden board.

What a journey this has been thus far.








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