What I Learned From My Voyage


It’s been a little over a month since I returned from my voyage and a sentiment still remains: my life was changed.

From the New Years Eve Meditation to the endless bottles of wine and champagne to the late night talks about life under the stars and moonlit sky, I was blessed with the opportunity to be reset, recharged and repassionated (…yes, I just made that up).   I have never felt so alive in my life and I would love to share with you two of my biggest takeaways that have made this last month absolutely incredible.

Impermanence – Nothing lasts forever, nor should it.  My fellow voyagers and I moved as quickly throughout the countries as we did throughout our days.  We had a finite amount of time to see, explore and enjoy and when it was our time to go, we had to get moving or the ship would have left us!  Impermanence focuses on the ideology that life is always in a state of flux, people get old, and everything (yes, even you and I) withers away. A month ago, we said our goodbyes at the San Diego port as the previous 25 days flashed before our eyes.  Our time had come, our voyage had passed and it was all over.

Which leads me to my second point…

Gratitude – Extremely grateful to be alive.  Extremely grateful to have a fully-functional body.  Extremely grateful to be blessed with opportunities to travel, see and discover the world while meeting amazing people.

And I am extremely grateful to know that nothing lasts forever, thus I try my absolute best to seize each day.  From experience, waking up with gratitude allows me to go throughout my days with a big smile.  There will always be a lot of talk about what’s wrong in life, but what’s right is even stronger.

In all.

Gratitude has allowed me to see the bigger picture in life and impermanence has taught me that I have absolutely no idea how, where and when the picture will fade away.

One Life, Enjoy the Journey.

This concludes my posts for a while.  Hope you have enjoyed them.

Until next time, feel free to check out www.alexecholsphotography.com to see some of the photos from my journey.  Thank you.



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