A Letter to My Younger Brothers & Sisters

BShot1When I was your age, finishing college and stepping out into the ‘real world’ all seemed but a hopeful dream. From day to day, you are told to take advantage of your school years and to cherish your youth. I am certainly NOT the first to tell you that this is very, VERY accurate. Time will fly quicker than you think. I would not trade my younger years for any other written story or journey, but I do want to leave you with some great wisdom that you already have within and day by day, will discover more of.

Color Outside the Lines
So what you are different! Perhaps others may even call you weird, but that is a good thing – I guarantee it. Just because you do things different doesn’t necessarily mean that you do things wrong. You are simply creating and forming your own journey, you are veering off from what most people like to call ‘normal.’ So continue coloring outside the lines, creating beautiful pictures with lines, circles and squares and when you feel ready, continue the process. Step outside your comfort zone once again, step outside the next box – continue coloring outside the lines till you have filled up the entire page with COLOR, PASSION and LIFE.

Close Your Eyes and Dream
As you get older, some people – sometimes even your own family – may start telling you, “grow up and stop some dreaming so much.” But I DO NOT agree with this at all. I believe dreams are very much elements of the spark that allow realities to form. As children, we have great dreams of becoming basketball players, astronauts, pediatricians, presidents, actors and etc, but somewhere along the way, we lose our desires to follow our childhood dreams. We grow up and we feel it is necessary to start living ‘real life.’ But let me tell you something. As long as you have the WILL to accomplish all that you dream, then you are living real life. As long as you work really hard for the things you want in life, they will come. The only time success becomes before hard work is in the dictionary. I ask you that you hold onto your dreams forever.

I was and AM very blessed to have a family that supported me in all my dreamily endeavors and I am very thankful for it. So now, you may ask, “what about me? My family does not believe in my dreams, what should I do?” Get a mentor and learn from them. Mentors can be found in various places: schools, libraries, gyms and etc. If you want something, go get it! Do not let anyone tell you that you are NOT possible.

Get that Extra Star, Even if it Isn’t Gold (BUT Go for the GOLD)
Although I have not won nearly as many awards and honors in college as I did in high school, I still believe that I am very successful because I struggled much and learned much more. When I initially entered college, I had dreams of becoming an electrical engineer because I wanted to be just like my Uncle, wealthy and successful. Little did I know that success came to those who did what they loved. Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. So just because your mother, your brother or your second uncle makes a lot of money in his/her respective field and is very content does not mean that you will have the same feelings. While you are young, try everything out! Read the newspaper everyday, join a sports team, join the chess club – whatever you are interested in, try it out! Don’t say that you do not like something without trying it out at least once. And when you try it out, read as much as you can, play the best chess game you can play and be the best player that YOU CAN BE. Do not let anyone else define who you are. So go out there and get that extra star and even if it is not gold, know that the knowledge that you now have will help you with the rest of your life. But just for the hell of it, ALWAYS GO FOR THE GOLD!

Run Till You Can’t Any Longer
Even if many cannot tell, throughout my entire life, I have struggled with my weight and personal image. By no means would I give up my ‘fatty years,’ because I think it was that period that started me on the journey to the man that I am becoming. I believe it was that period that allowed me to mature at a younger age. But everyone has their own story. There were many times when I took basketball, football, baseball, karate and swimming lessons but later gave up because I did not think I had it in me, either because I thought I was too fat or too slow. Sometimes I look back and wonder what life would be if I continued those sports as a child. For one, I know I would not be in this moment of my life (I am currently chilling on the couch in the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic and I LOVE IT).

So when I say run till you can’t any longer, no I am not telling you to run until you pass out. I am telling you to run until you feel you have done your best work. NEVER sell yourself short. There is wayyyyyyy more potential within that you will never discover until you have gone that extra mile and opened that extra door. Just because I was not happy with my body image as a child does not mean that I cannot be happy NOW. Three to four days a week, I workout in the gym because I would like to see yet another dream come true.

I want you to continue going forth, wanting and working, dreaming and doing, living and learning. Even if no one has ever told you this, I am proud of you my young sister and my young brother. Keep moving forward, opening new doors and trying new things. I learned that from the great Walt Disney. Haha. Whatever is in your heart, do not ignore it.

As for me, I will never let go of my childhood dreams. At a young age, I made a promise to myself to always remain true to me. I made the promise to myself to LIVE.

So close your eyes, follow your dreams/
And keep your head to the sky/
When times get rough, and the clouds get dark/
And you need to ask yourself why/
Just listen to the words I say, you’ll find a way/
To keep pushin’ to get by/
And if you keep this on your mind, stay on your grind/
It’ll be your time, to take over the world/
Take Over the World by Kidz in the Hall

(Reblogged by Alex Echols to Promote Inspiration)

One Life, You Decide™



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