Guest Post: 3 Lessons for Better Living

Hello friends – indeed, it has been quite a while since my last post.  Over the last 50+ days, I have been traveling throughout North Africa, the Mediterranean & Northern and Eastern Europe – and for now, I am anchored in London, UK.

The lessons I picked up over the last few months are nowhere near what I thought they would be going into my journey initially and yet, I feel as if I have grown even more as a result.

During my travels, one of my favorite things to do is to interact with others who are also trying to make the most out of life and today, I encourage you to read an anecdotal guest post by a good friend, an Australian mate who is also a professional ballroom dancer.  Enjoy!

The Three Lessons I Learned That Have Made Me a Better Person

After returning home from a two and a half month trip, a lot of people have come up to me and said I am different…and that I look better. I was confused by this at first but after thinking about it more, I discovered what they were talking about.

It’s my outlook.

Through guidance by beautiful people and a new found self appreciation, I have become a very happy person.

Happiness to a lot of people is an idea for tomorrow. The end game.  That beautiful light at the end of a tunnel of work and study and failing relationships and money.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I can honestly say I am single with minimal education earning average money and I am by far one of the happiest people I know.  It helps that I am not materialistic, but I have worked out why I am so happy and I want to share the three lessons I have learned with you.

Be Happy With You

I am happy with who I am. I don’t allow the opinions of others to ever affect my mood. I like that I am a little bit quirky. I like that I am a little bit smug. I like the way I dress. I like the way I dance.  So if anyone disagrees with me on how I choose to be myself it is simply their opinion and nothing else. Never change yourself into someone else’s opinion.

There are way too many opinions as to what happiness is and if you listen to other, you will never find your own definition.

So just choose one…your own.

Make Someone Happy Daily

Secondly, and this is where the fun begins: make someone else happy, daily.

Anyone in the world.

It could be your best friend or lover, or for those who like to get adventurous… a complete and utter stranger. I’m going to take some examples from the beautiful experience I just had while traveling the world, learning and growing with gorgeous human beings. Run around the busiest streets of Tokyo dressed as Spiderman for no reason other than to spread happiness. Introduce yourself to everybody in an unknown street in an unknown city just to have a conversation. Do a workout on a train. Go to dinner wearing a tuxedo and shorts for absolutely no reason. Have an impromptu pajama party. Have a dress up party and then take that party to the night clubs and not acknowledge the fact you are dressed as a pirate or Santa Claus. Shave each others heads just because you can. Go on a date with someone you find beautiful with absolutely no plan in mind and see where the feel of the night takes you. Jump in a pool with all your clothes on. I can’t stress this one enough…ride a tandem bicycle with a friend.  You will learn so much about each other and have the funniest experiences.

Treat Children As People

Children have it worked out.  They aren’t effected yet by caring what to wear or “no, I can’t do that in public.”  Children are themselves and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

It’s crazy how at some point we have to mature, be an adult and “grow up.”  I think we lose a very big piece of who we truly are and it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

Live your life because you only have a short amount of time to do so.

Jared Taylor, 2013

Ps., why would you want to play by “their” rules anyway?  One Life.


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    • Iris, you are nearly as famous on the MV Explorer as that son of yours is. We all agree you need to be his guest next voyage!


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